We make artesanal, 100% organic, living products, healthy bacteria, raw with mother. Full of probiotics and healthy bacteria.

We  combine ancient and innovative fermentation techniques with traditional and modern flavours and ingredients, we delivery delicious and nutritious meals. Full of probiotics and healthy bacteria.

"Ferments are a true treasure to take care of your intestinal health."

"Living food for the living body"

*By not being pasteurized, they preserve their nutrients and probiotics from the food.

Fermentation is an ancient art and science. It is an alchemical process in which one food is transformed into another; cabbage into sauerkraut, milk into a rich and savory cheese and kefir, grapes into wine, wheat into bread, cocoa into your chocolate bar, and the list goes on...

We make them to:

- Preserve them - Change their flavor 

- Increase their nutritional value 

- Connect them with the invisible world of microbes

Tuesday morning free delivery  

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