Always keep cold 35ºF-42ºF

It is recommended to always keep them refrigerated, so that they can maintain their nutritional properties and unmatched flavor. However, they wil not spoil if they are left at room temperature for a couple of hours.

The lactobacilli in the bottle protec and help preserve the product, however it is important to take care of them when opening them.

Garden Vegetables

A delicious combination of vegetables to serve as appetizer, with a sandwiches or as a side dish.

Cherry Tomatoes

It can be served as an appetizer. Ideal on a sausage plate, a wonderful presentation.

Serving them as a garnish is a true delight.

*Only by order, order them from Monday to Wednesday for delivery the following week.


It's a real delight

*We ferment them on special occasions, be sure to try them