Our products are handmade, unprocessed, 100% organic and with mother.

These living products are not only delicious but loaded with so many nutricional benefits.

Fermented food is a true treasure for taking care of your intestinal health. It is full of:

Probiotics Healthy Bacteria Live Food

Extremely Delicious And more...


Sauerkraut stands out for its probiotic properties, being a great ally for intestinal health and digestive processes.

 Like other products here we make them in different ways with traditional and modern ingredient. try them.


It is fermented food that is always present on the Korean table, a food with a salty and spicy flavor.

It s known as the fermentation of Napa cabbage accompanied by other vegetables and many more ingredients. Here we do it in different ways.


Fermented vegetables are full of positive microorganisms, nutrients and are absorbed more easily than fresh ones. Regular consumption of fermented food may have positive effects on gut health, managing cholesterol level, strengthening immune system, regulating appetite, weight loss and many more.


The magical complement to improve the flavor of food. 

Vinegar turns a simple food into an extraordinary one.  You can turn a good dish into a great one. And it makes a great dish memorable. 

We offer new flavors that will broaden your cooking experience and stimulate your senses.

Chile Pepper

It is called chile in Mexico, ají in South America and chili in Spain. They are the fruits of various species of plants of the capsicum genus of the Solanaceae family. It is staple in kitchens


It is a fermented drink with a pleasant flavor that has been consumed for thousands of years for its benefits. 

It is considered an elixir of life, since it is believed to be responsible for longevity among those who consume it.

Specialty Addons

Natural Products that we make to improve your health.